About Us


A Teacher with Experience

Emma Schiff began dancing at the age of five and has since progressed to win the World Championship in 2016, as well as being a two time U.S. Champion. In 2016 she was also a Grand Prize Finalist of the Los Angeles Music Center's Spotlight Program, earning her a solo performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. She traveled to New Zealand in 2017 to intern at the Morgan B School of Dance and learn how to teach Highland Dancing. She began her own teaching career in March of 2018. 


Sharing a Scottish Tradition

Highland Dancing offers a fun, unique way for children to stay fit, gain confidence, and make life-long friends. Dancers learn self-motivation, discipline, and performing skills. Highland Dancing originated in Scotland hundreds of years ago and is now taught in several countries around the world. All dances have historic meanings and dancers compete wearing traditional Scottish kilts and outfits. 


Dancing for All

Highland Dancing is a great fit for everyone. Though steeped in Scottish roots, the community is very inclusive and welcomes dancers from all different backgrounds to join. We offer classes for students aged 4 years and up.